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Walk Through Grief With Grace Group Immersion Program

Are you looking for support to walk through your grief?  As a Grief Guide, I know that moving through this journey can seem daunting, heavy, or like we are trapped in a maze. We can feel afraid, lost, and the journey can seem never ending. The good news?  It is not a maze.  It is a labyrinth.  In a labyrinth you can never get stuck, and there are no dead ends. You are guaranteed to arrive at the center – where unconditional love lives.  That is what this group is about – walking each other back home to the heart. Again and again.  It might feel scary. This is normal.  Just keep breathing. You are not alone.  I will take your hand.  

Are you ready to

  • Transmute your grief in an embodied and creative way with regular practices so you can begin to feel good again?
  • Get stronger with personalized tools so that you can move to the next chapter of your life and begin to live fully?
  • Honor your Ancestors & what has been lost but also honor yourself?

Do you love

meditation, creative writing, singing, sound healing, nature medicine, dreaming, movement or dance? 

If so, this program is for you.

Deborah Perpetua, current Transform Your Grief Immersion Program member, shares her experience

There is no other grief program like this.

 It is holistic. 

It addresses not just the Mind but the Spirit and Body to move emotion, thought and story.  

It affirms that we are whole.  

The practices offered bring us back to remembering our wholeness. 

It connects us to our hearts, our bodies, the earth, the heavens, and to each other.

You will receive

  • Grief mentorship ~ personalized 1:1 support from Jenn
  • Group sessions with deep and consistent community
  • Bonus Teachings and Office Hours for additional support
  • Intimate community engagement through a Private Facebook group
  • Healing tools from the ‘7 Grace Gateways’ Framework
  • Guest Facilitators and Sound Practices
  • Nature Wisdom, Dream Dancing with the Ancestors and Fireside Book Chats
  • 4 Seasonal 3 Day Retreats

You will practice


to balance your autonomic nervous system


to heal your heart, align the layers of yourself, and bring peace


to guide emotions all the way through your body 

Silence and Sacred Listening

to your heart, the earth and to each other

Connecting Through Spirit and the Ancestral Realm

through dreaming and meditation

Connecting to the Earth

through the elements and your unique creativity

Heart-web Practice

cultivating forgiveness, compassion & gratitude 

Meg Streeter Lauck, a recent graduate of the Transform Your Grief Immersion Program, shares her experience

Join us today if you are ready to


what is no longer serving you


your inner strength, courage, and wisdom


daily personalized ritual to connect to your heart and lightness


the process as the goal and decide to enjoy the journey toward remembering peace and

unconditional love


your wholeness as you walk through your grief journey

Praise for the Program

“I have found creativity in my life!”

The ‘Transform Your Grief’ Immersion Program brought me out of an unmotivated state. I started moving more and I gained not only motivation and energy but a new sense of reliance and joy. Thank you Jenn for the deep opportunity for cultivating expansiveness in my mind, body and spirit. What an opportunity! Through this program I was able to decrease my stress level, increase my strength and self-care and consider new perspectives. It has been so helpful in shifting my energy and moving different layers of my grief.  I also found a deeper interest in the Ancestors. A new appreciation sparked in me around tapping into this connection and I look forward to exploring what else is revealed.  I’ve garnered more joy and emotional grounding. I’m playing more with music and have new-found creativity in my life. I am so grateful!

– Diane Johnston Viscio

“So many rich golden nuggets!”

I loved everything that was presented.  I felt cradled by maternal divine spirit and cosmic warmth. I listened to the song of my soul and explored discovering my voice. All I need is more time to digest all these rich nuggets!

– Sandra Sa

“So much deep listening and compassion here”

Our 3 Day Virtual Retreat was engaging with so many favorite moments. The guest teachers were exceptional. The dream dancing and movement activities were special gems for me. Jenn and the women who held this container modeled so much deep listening and compassion. This experience has opened up new thinking about how I am sharing my gifts with the world.

– Angela Apodaca

“It was brilliant!”

This program provided me with ample tools to handle my ever changing  emotional state. I feel so much better equipped to deal! As I move along this journey with my grief I have felt tired, grateful, restless and like I need to learn the new landscape surrounding me. 

The revelations, practices and reflections I learned have brought me further along my path. Above all else, the safe bedding Jenn provided for us as a group felt like something I could sink into. I felt safe enough to fully receive the wisdom that was shared. It was brilliant! I have committed to continuing my walk all year.

– Lewke Kirchner

“I’ve come a long way”

At the beginning I must admit I was a bit reluctant – It was hard for me to fully always be there on the calls and I missed a few sessions. My grief for my mother who passed away last April was complicated. She was toxic to me a good deal of the time so there were a lot of layers to work through – healing and forgiveness. I’ve come a long way.  Jenn has introduced me to so many shared with me such as self massage I’ve really enjoyed the shaking and vocalizations so would encourage you to pursue her next immersion program

– Myra Craig

Have questions?

Not sure if this is the right thing or the right time?

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Congratulations for showing up with deep compassion for yourself.

It is my honor to be present and breathe with you,
to sit in the fire of transformation with you,
to walk with you and stand by you.
– Rev. Jenn Cormier